Application Development


We develop mission-vital applications that address the singular challenges of your endeavor.

The ability to respond to changes rapidly and efficiently is vital to the success of any system. Commercial enterprises are placing increasing pressure on their Enterprise IT organizations to maintain step with the accelerating demands of the market. As application platforms evolve, IT organizations face unprecedented complexity at a time of substantial cost and performance pressures.

New engagement models are needed to hold an application landscape that is ever-increasing in size and complexity. These engagement models and competencies have to address the seamless transitions between development, quality assurance and documentation. Ikaya solutions can assist IT organizations too:

Map out development, quality and support needs across a diverse band of technology programs and examples.

Utilize leading tools and approaches to tackle complex development and integration tasks without interrupting the existing production landscape Provide roadmaps and specific approaches to modernize or transform current business applications

Provide dedicated expertise through a mix of on-site/nearshore/offshore teams to extend the capacity and expertise of the internal IT organization, at a significant cost and time to market advantage.